Vape Easy Rewards

Welcome to Vape Easy Rewards, our loyalty & reward program that gives you the opportunity to earn points by ordering in our store, reviewing products, liking / sharing / tweeting and by referring your friends with your personal referral link or coupon code. 


How to earn points

Register an account here. Once registered, you can earn points. 

100 Points equal to $2. You can use your points to purchase any products in our store. 


Purchase Products: 

$1 spent on Vape Easy gives you 1x Reward Point. Some products gives you additional Points.


Review Products: 

Every reviews gives you 100x Reward Points. You can leave 2 reviews per day, per account. 


Like/Share a product page: 

  • Like a product page via Facebook gives you 10 Points
  • Share a product page via Facebook gives you 25 Points
  • Tweet a product page via Twitter gives you 25 Points
  • +1 a product page via Google+ gives you 10 Points

To Like/Share a product page, use the links on top of each product pages (above the product image).

You can do a maximum of 5x Likes, 5x Share, 5x Tweet, 5x +1 per day. 


Referral link / coupon: 

In your account, you have access to your personal referral link and coupon code. 

  • Your referred friends will get 5% OFF their first purchase on Vape Easy. 
  • You will receive 300 Points per first purchase made by your friends. 

You can use the built-in tool in your account to share your referral link or coupon code by Email or on Facebook / Twitter / Google+

Spend your points

On the checkout page, in the payment box, check the box "Spend Your Points" and select the number of points you want to spend on this order.



  • The points are valid for 120 days.
  • The points can not be used for shipping fee. 
  • Reviews are subject to approval by Vape Easy. 
  • The points for reviews will be credit upon approval (within 24h).